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WARNING: i would like to clear this in advance that the language used here may be explicit and may hurt ur sentiments of Indianness , also, you rosy dellusions about india shining may be shattered, so if you want to keep living in this glass house you are most welcome and are advised to skip this blog .. if you want to correct me or give some advice you are most welcome

Sunday, August 24 was a historic day and would go in the annals of history as the day when Jaques Rogge (IOC , prez) formally announced the end of the BEIJING olympics but this day will also be remembered as the day CHINA reigned supreme for the first time packing a punch which was just too much for the rest of the world to take in. With its mammoth haul of more than 50 gold medals in the olympics , china has given a stern warning to the rest of the world. India on the other hand with just 1 gold medal cut out a sorry figure( that too of a mistake committed by the Chinese guy.... u cud make that out from the look of disappointed that had marred his face... in simple words bindra got damn lucky)....
and guess what the indian media was hailing the indian olympic contingent for their performance .... dun u think that small countries like nigeria , war torn georgia ,jamaica, belarus, and god knows which all countries had secured more gold...... here you can't complain about the facilities being provided..... did the guys from afghanistan or nigeria get more facilities..... and people say about the talent pool in india... ohh cummon.. u gotto be kidding
What else , the indian media splashed the news as if india had topped the medal tally. Yes media... one of the other major culprits responsible for india's present diabolical state. ( ill discuss about the media in some other blog )......
OK, let me cut the crap and put this straight infront of you China is superior to India in every respect .
Certainly, in absolute numbers, the Chinese are way ahead. Their export of electronic goods now tops $180 billion a year. One out of every three shoes exported in the world is made in China. They make 75% of the world's toys. Foreign direct investment is at the level of $70 billion a year (for comparison, India gets $15 billion). Shanghai alone has nearly 4,000 skyscrapers (more than all of India, and exceeding Los Angeles and Chicago combined). China has built an estimated 60,000 kilometers of expressways in less than two decades and will soon outstrip the total length of the US highway network. Per capita income has risen nearly 10-fold since 1978 to over $6,000 a head, and the number of people living in absolute poverty has dropped from 425 million two decades ago to 26 million today. The population is almost totally literate; life expectancy is reaching developed-country levels. This year, China is expected to overtake Germany to become the world's third largest economy, behind the US and Japan. It won't stay Number Three for long.

Now lets talk about india.....
ON one hand there is J&K issue which has been a thorn in the fles for eternity now , there are naxalite issues in jharkhand and in warangal region , just a few days back indian democracy had to face the harsh picrure where MP's openly displayed crores of money in public strangling all sentiments of a clean democracy.
But what's the root cause of all this =====>> there ought to be something wrong with us. I personally think so. We indians have a very demented mentality... most of us if not all tend to think " chal raha hai na.... chalne do... khaali peeli tension kyun lete ho".. here is where china is different... in everyhing they do they strive for excellence... this is what is lacking in indian public... How many Bill Gates , Steve Jobs or rupert murdoch for that sake has indioa produced?? How many companies like intel , microsoft , apple , Ge are indian???
Barring TATAS i dun think anyone can have a say in this....Lets get it straight,
..... IT boom was just because you get cheap grads here who dolefully subject themselves to whatever work given to them...

Ohh cummon .. it's in our history and our genes to get subjugated and lose . History pays a homage to this fact... Our Mother India got raped umpteeen by tughlaqs , Persians , Mughals , Britishers and more recently Corruption. We cudnt do anything in the past and we wont be able to do anything in future.... " kehte hain na chal raha hai ... chalne do" Personally , i feel we cud have gained independence 50 years in advance , only if indians didnt support the man they called mahatma. Im not demeaning him in any manner here... but seriously a mass civil revolution like the french or the russian ne wud have been enough . But then again we had such a laidback attitude... we wanted it to be non-violent. BULLSHIT..... ask yourselves.... FREEDOM IS MORE IMPORTANT OR THE MANNER YOU GET IT IN?.......what else due to such aimpotent attitude we got what we deserved.... partition. You can gauge the incompetence of the indian leaders then also ... some strong determined stand would have changed the picture... but no " CHAL RAHA HAI NA... CHALNE DO"

INDIA needs a strong leadership at the moment.... democracy plagued with corruption is the worst form of government..... time has come for a change ....
India got raped by btitishers and jus like aids they transmitted democracy


rajukiller said...

tumne to pol khol ke rakh di, conclusion me elephant is even smaller compared to a mouse, aur iska pura credit jata hai , 60+ bhuddo ko, jo yeh desh chala rahe hai,

Pranav said...

No wonder such blog came from pappu...
China says its biggest resource is its people!!highest population where lousy asses are few...thr are loads of achvmnts & all have come by the people.
true indians are sloppy.bt sitting & whining(& writing blogs!! :P) dsnt help.frankly weighing india on the same lvl as china wud be wrong.y?coz they dnt have the diversity that v posses in evry aspect.
now the freedom!non-violence dint lead to the partition.the people did.prblm is we have taken our freedom for granted and v luv to critisize what v nvr had our hands in.
in nayak paresh rawal rightly said,"har hindustani kehta hai ki yeh politics ek gutter hai bt koi isme utar ke ise saaf nahi kar sakta!"y do we blame democracy when v oursleves choose nt to be a prt of it.no one wana be a politician bt a doc,engnr,sportsprsn,coz thts wer the riches lie.
i aint offending its just a clash of views.coz i still hope for a shining india while i rest in my glass house reading this blog... ;)

Ravemzsdin said...

Nice post.
I'd like to comment on a few things though.
1)No companies like Apple,MS,Google from India with the largest IT Task force, dats becoz we INDIANS Can't take risk in our lives,society aroun us in india jus makes us afraid of taking a bold step.

2)Above thing is a result of the Good but Old education system, wherein BRAND is more important than doing something we want to do.
Somebody might say, we produce Computer engineers if not artists, but to be true we DON'T PRODUCE SKILLS, we do routine work in IT Domain.

Summing up modern Indian lifestyle, it goes like this :

1)i know how to say WTF, but i dnt know english language properly
2)I"l go to a pub drink beer,see football matches,crib cricket is bad,hollywood>>>bollywood, blaah blaahh
3)I"l work for an IT Company,eat there food,sleep there & take salary 1/4th that a US Engineer will take.
4)I don't vote, i don't even have a voter ID, though i am going to US Next year so i need a passport.

& So on & on,

I hate Bloody fake modern india than it used to be in 80s-90s, atleast it was'nt fake than.

mayank said...

Hmmm seems asif this post has stucka cord somewhere deep down for all of us...

mayank said...


abhishek said...

I suppose this is the most bold post I have read. Even though I dont accord with all the points but still I could associate with the soul of the post.
We are like a child who knows what is wrong but we dont want to trouble ourself and believe that it is not incumbent on us to do the job and hope that somebody else should take the onus of rectifying the situation.

I agree with the "gene theory" of pappu. Its in us , we cant help it. We close our eyes to believe that the world around us is beautiful( which we term as shining India).

I reckon the problem we face is that ' WE HAVE BEEN NEVER PROUD OF OURSELVES' . We always want to imitate our fellow superior humans in very aspect, whether it be clothes or WTF thing choos mentioned.

We all, in fact are the same. We'll play the same old blame game till all us is tired. and at the end of the day the same vicious circle repeats. i.e. We read something(say this type of post), we all get so burned up and think how true it is(like u felt wen u wrote some crap here) and write or discuss some fallacies of this country( like wat I am doing right now) and get to bed hoping that everything will be fine one day.

Sorry for this long comment. I dont intend to steal the limelight away from the original post :) .

mayank said...

LOLZ... not at all

Raja said...

madmax saale wants me to comment here [:P]
basically its not in our genes. Its just coz of the surroundings. We see what everyone does, which is very similar to your post, 'criticize' everything that is faulty...Now what are u gonna do, from the looks of it.. it seems get into IIM or something (mkl vocab imba) .. then wot? if U dont strive to be the change that u wanna see .. there are just gonna be more blog posts like this.

THe one thing i agree with u is the media.. they are the biggest money minded sobs in the entire world. they fkin take a small thing and blow it out of proportions, esp the olympics medal. hell, the shooter needs to be praised (whether he won it by luck or not) but then saying 'india doesnt have facilities' etc doesnt explain how much poorer countries produce athletes.

Whos the reason for all this? Its the mindset (not genes :P )that seems to pass on generation, after another.. Any bold venture is met with innumerable criticism..
We find fault with the politicians.. all the time.. but given a chance to be them, wud u take it?
i hell dont have a clue on the stats u mentioned, but yeah bigshots comparing india with china is bullshit. But dont give all the credit to china ffs.. They are a very different country when compared to us. They have a history of being innovative and making new technology .. and we ..
Long story cut short, we just criticize every fkin thin there is around us.

kashuy88 said...

baanke mc doosri baaar likh raha hun next time se koi chinese site par blog likh..
it's a nice bold post...bachke rehna koi youth congress ke log uda na de }:)
from next time thoda apna crticism destructive to constructive kar...
add what must be done now to prevent history from repeating itself....
agla post on ethnic cleansing of india }:)

nimit said...

MC bake ...saale CHina doesnt have problems ...ok let me say
1. TIBET ...most popular in world
2. XIngjiang province cut down .... not much in media but just try searching
3. Name one chinese company except for lenovo which is world famous
4. Ok you think China has more medals so better country ... they are a factory .... churning out atheletes in military like camps .... i agree India is behind in sports ... but our atheletes have are coming of age.

5. You wanna talk about economy be my guest..... ask any expert and he wont be able to explain the chinese economy to you. Every other country has slowdown ... china didnot show signs until a few days back .... even tho they are one of highest consumers of oil and steel. You talk abt shanghai .... move 100 km from shanghai and show me even a 3 story building.
4. They are a highly regulated economy, we are an highly open one and have to live in a world like that.
5. And choos about modern India .... you would be the same people crying in 90's about lack of global resources ... we were not fake then
we fucking imported nearly everything then ....1991 ...our foreign reserves went zilch because of it ...... India is nopt an IT powerhouse ...in real terms .... it is a support power house. we provide biggest off shore facilities
and who stopped you from taking a voter identity card

and bake you .... you are ona project dealing with chinese company ... they reverse engineer everything...

the point is .... rather than writing a saddist blog like this ..... have confidence..... you can either sit and be cynical and sceptical... you will not do anything and just warm your seat .... or you can actually go ahead and work and shun the things which you dont like in the blog you wrote

mayank said...

Awww.. nimit these are my own views man... nice to see sumone having strong views... but then.. i do get your point!!

suyog said...

this is definitely one way to look at it ..but il have to say that you have very saddist views...i mean reading this blog one might feel that India is a shit hole which is not the way it is...of course we do have a long way to go and things need improvement but cribbing about the fact that we won only one gold compared to china's 50+ isnt gonna take us anywhere, for all we know this 'not a big deal' kinda attitude might result in us falling further down the tally...and as far as getting independence 50 years back goes as per your 'chal raha hai, chalne do' theory we would have been at the same place anyways. So lets stop complaining, lets not repeat the same mistakes that people have done in the past, if you seriously think that we oughta improve then rather than being a pessimist go out there and do whatever you can from your side to make things better, however small it be.

prats said...

well I guess commenting and writing has always been easy for us..we can blame mahatama,we can blame our economy,we can blame our psychology,we can blame a lot many people out there..but I guess there's no point till the time we can do something about it..if you don't want this thing 'chal raha hai to chalne do' then better start doing things which you think can change India..
and try appreciating what has been done by others..3 medals!! just compare with what we have got before..
and seriously dude being cynical won't help anyone..dam hai to khud kch karke dikhayo..

mayank said...

arrre ... yahaan to sab mere peeche hi pad gay.... huff.... jus giving my plain views yaar...

Anonymous said...

very well written. i agree with most of your points but then there are things which are good in this nation. It aint that bad after all. Though there is corruption but you cant ignore those who are good. there's good and bad about everything. Have you ever been to China? stayed there for a while? No country highlights its bad points to the media(except India) but then, arent we Indians who make India?
We always crib about India being this n that but how many times have we taken a step to improve its position in the world?
Stop cribbing n do something about the country where you love.
Though i'd still say this is well written..

Elia said...

Well written article.

allarakha said...

nice article bro..
i really appreciate ur views..

bt i tke it as,findings our shotcomings (not genes fault)will provide a plateform 4 improvent n dont b too pessimtist abt the circumstance...

"grow ho raha hai.... hone do" n b a part of it..dont jst pull india legs by lookin @ other country..


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