Monday, December 1, 2008

What plagues INDIA ?

When any unassuming person talks about India , they talk about how great a nation it is. They are mystified by the myriad cultures , languages , religions , ethenecity ... blah blah blah.  All these disparities held together by a bond (though weak) called democracy. Not only we Indians but the whole world prides  in our democracy . In my opinion , all this glitters is not gold . The democracy has done more harm for our country than good .  It has bred diseases like corruption ,  vote politics , quota system regional divide and many others. The basic reason for that is that we are a democracy  and " sabko leke ke chalna hai" .
 For the good of greater portion we are not ready to sacrifice the benefits of some . Infact its the otherway round in our country ... quite perplexing ?  isnt it?

Democracy implies thhat the power of the centre is limited and we the people have all the power . But is this good in a  conglomerate like ours ? Since there are so many disparities we hardly think alike and the politicians take advantage of this . Such practices have truly degraded the indian political scenario . In every election we have to settle for one of the lesser evils than choosing a worthy candidate. It has been  always easy to exploit indians . I even think the famous quote "United we stand  , divided we fall" originated in India . People came and went , raped and looted  and we still acknowledge it saying that they left an imprint on our culture thinking about the benefits . We were ruled on upon by muslims and the britishers who i  am greatful to because if it were not for them we wudnt have been  a country  first of all. We cud have well been like Africa  with the marathis  fighting  north indian states ,bihar  breeding corruption and west bengal totally un - indutrialised . The south indian states karnata and andhra pradesh would also be warring over water issues  . Just  come to think about  this chaotic situation ? But democracy hasnt  changed the picture very much . There are still disputes though there is no full fledged war but still damage is being caused . This is where i think that us being a party system democracy was a huge mistake .In my opinion the centre shud be vested with more power and the party system should be done away with this would automatically rid the nation of half of the evils . But the most important thing is that we have to change our attitude....

Il give  you a crowning example in all its glory -- after the recent aftermath of the TAJ affair ...the deputy CM of maharashtratotally oblivious of the feelings of people and  high on power had the audacity to say" Bade shehron mein aisi baaten hoti rehti hain" . When the 9/11 incident happened G.W Bush went straight ahead to ground zero and acknowledged that America had been hit pretty bad with terrorism and made a pledge that "those who attacked america wont be spared" . on the other hand the dirty politics continues in india and instead of demanding action on the culprits we are asking for minisiters to resign . Has  any party talked about unity in such a situation .. has any party talked about revenge ... ..???


As i had already mentioned in one of my earlier posts ..We indians think " chal raha hai chalne do "  the mumbai scene would be forgotten in about 3 or 4 months and then we would be hit yet again by some tragedy . 

And then ill write another post reminding you guys  yet again .  

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