Thursday, December 17, 2009

Telangana - Do we really need a new state ?

I am not Telugu , neither am I from Telangana nor from Andhra Pradesh . It may seem prudish on my part that I am concerned about this whole affair just because I am currently in Hyderabad . But if Telangana forms it will have  a good deal of effect on other areas . It would have a Domino effect on the other regions of the country where there is struggle for their own separate state .

New State ? Is it that bad ?
US of A has just a third of India's population and has 50 odd states then why cant India afford some more than 28 ?

In the past decade or so , we saw emergence of 3 new states on the face of Indian Map . These new states have certainly proved that "Child is the Father of the Man " . These newly formed states have not only recovered from the cobwebs of their previous states but in fact have overtaken them in key areas . So is the small way the new way ? Smaller the better ?
naaah .. Dont get carried away too easily . Now comes the factor which concerns me or rarther concerns every Indvidual living in Hyderabad . Separating Telangana wont be easy just for this fact .The situation is not as easy in Jharkhand, Uttarakhand or Chhattisgarh. Hyderabad is the key factor here. It can't be given to any state. The only option here is to keep it a common capital like Chandigarh but Hyderabad is not placed as Chandigarh which was in the middle of both the states

Land in Telangana cannot be cultivated as much as in Andhra, because of its geographic constraints. As I can see, around 60-70% of land cannot be used for cultivation. Andhra, being near the sea, has a rich underground water content, which makes the land cultivatable. Food grains in the state can be distributed within itself on a priority. When the states get separated the food needs to imported from other state and doesn't this develop egoism?

Also wont this lead to Balkanisation of India . Hasnt she suffered enough through the ages . This is a 'Tryst with Destiny ' that no one expected a year ago and even fewer people want it now .No Salman Rushdie to troubadour this travesty ….

This also serves to be the crowning example of the boundless, limitless, bottomless oppurtunism of the congress party . Though other parties are no less .But Congress, like any behemoth, merely exists for its own sake. Those who wear party colors will sell their soul in the name of party unity, discipline, and respect for ‘high command’. All politicians in India seem to behave thus. Perhaps, it is Indian character to be un-egotistic, and yet un-principled at the same time. Perhaps, it is a case of  filial piety being institutionalized.

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